Nidhi Kotak

Title: Masters Student

School: RMIT University

Brief Bio:

Hello! This is Nidhi Kotak. A research student of data science at RMIT University, enthusiast currently in pursuit of technical depth and social impact. Aims to utilize data science and compelling visual storytelling as strategic tools to empower leaders in solving complex problems and enable agile decision-making. ‘If you torture the data long enough, it will confess’- I realised how true this statement of Ronald Coase was. With respect to making a wholesome career in Data Science field, I am volunteering for the 180 Degrees Consulting as Data Consultant at RMIT University. In the long run, I intend to leverage the expertise gained through such impactful professional experiences to provide consultancy services to altruistic ventures like GiveDirectly that are working to make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries. My current degree is providing exposure to a multifaceted curriculum, thus laying a sound foundation for my future goals. With it gives me an opportunity to be part of a project which will lead to broaden my domain knowledge through application of classroom Concepts.

With my current volunteer works such as peer mentor and data consultant, it gives me a sense of being socially responsible citizen of the world. I actively engage in volunteering activities that make a difference. Being a part of 180 Degrees Consulting we aim to help non-profit organisations in Melbourne operate more smoothly and effectively. There we successfully delivered 3 consulting projects related to data strategy, data visualisation and integration solutions by building the data analysis engines using Microsoft Power BI, optimising data models and structures, and upskilling business partners through training manual creation.