Catherine Maberry

TT Speaker

Title: IT Manager, Analytics & Big Data Optimization

Company: General Motors

Brief Bio: Catherine Maberry is an IT professional responsible for leading a highly effective development team to scale analytics & big data workloads and to enable end users to self-serve on enterprise platforms. She has previous experience as a GM data scientist specializing in text analytics, machine learning engineering and data
analysis. Catherine graduated magna cum laude from Georgia State University with a BBA in Computer Information Systems.

Topic: Escaping Death by Prototyping: Considerations for Successful Data Science Project Delivery

Abstract: The number of data science projects is increasing as companies embrace the use of analytics to inform business decisions. That said, many data science projects never move beyond prototyping and have limited impact. It is important for data science project teams to address a variety of considerations ranging from acquiring stakeholder buy in and developing scalable pipelines. This talk will address some key technical and non-technical success factors for developing and productionizing robust and useful data science solutions.