Cenying (Tracy) Yang

LTS Speaker

Title: PhD Candidate

School: The University of Texas at Austin

Brief Bio: Cenying (Tracy) Yang is a PhD candidate in Information Systems from McCombs Business School at The University of Texas at Austin. Her research is focused on the value of emerging technologies and business innovation. She employs AI / machine learning and econometric methods to extract insights from large scale data.

Topic: Data Fairness Studies & how they relate to safety at GM

Abstract: Companies have been digitizing their products through sensors to gain insights on user behavior and provide feedback. Such insights could help companies determine the effectiveness of digital features and make future improvements on products and services. Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) are one such digital feature. They are designed to improve safety driving. However, they could lead to more reckless driving behavior over time. By analyzing GM’s large-scale telematics data, we find that users’ driving behavior is getting worse over time. Additionally, with more ADAS features installed, drivers will engage in risky driving behavior more often. Our results have profound implications on car design and insurance policy.