Jessica Kowalski

Machine Learning Ethics Panelist

Title: Head of Data, AI & ML

Company: Amazon Web Services

Brief Bio: Jessica is a disruptive data, analytics and AI business leader with 18 years of experience in the public and private sectors. From early work delivering profiling systems for US Intelligence organizations like the FBI and DHS to her more recent focus on building analytic product portfolios for content providers like Lexis Nexis, Elsevier and AWS, Jessica’s career spans 360 degrees of data-driven business. She’s passionate about the translation of complex solutions to non-technical audiences to inspire innovation and produce remarkable outcomes.

Jessica is a self-professed data science geek, storyteller at heart and steadfastly devoted to sustaining and advancing diversity in leadership at all levels of business. She currently leads Amazon’s global Data, AI, ML business with Accenture, a multi-billion dollar channel. Her industry experience spans Government Intelligence, Defense, Banking, Capital Markets, Consulting, Insurance, Pharma, Biotech, STM and Higher Education. She lives in NY with her husband and two daughters and is an active founding member of the Women’s leadership group, Chief.