Lihua Fu

LTP Speaker

Title: Data Engineer

Company: General Motors

Brief Bio: Lihua Fu joined GM in Oct 2020 as a Sr. Data Engineer in the Data and Analytics team from Global Digital EV Commerce. She has education background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and got her latest M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. She has work experience in Automotive, Customer Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Security and manufacture industries.

Topic: Deep Learning on EV customer journey and connected Vehicle Data

Abstract: As a new Data Engineer in GM DEV IT, my initial thought was Deep Learning would be out of the reach from my role. However, I had an electrifying epiphany after visiting the GM EXHIBIT ZERO at the 2021 CES Conference: The future of all-electric and smarter cars must connect well with the EV customer journey.

From a bird’s-eye view, this talk will identify some Deep Learning application opportunities for a more electrified & smarter EV customer journey, and how some of my previous experience and current role helped the process.