Lisa Cohen

TT Speaker: Lisa Cohen

Title: Principal Data Scientist Manager, Microsoft Cloud Data Sciences

Company: Microsoft

Brief Bio: Lisa Cohen leads a data science team, focused on the Microsoft cloud. Her team is responsible for analyzing OKRs, informing data-driven decisions, and developing data science models to help customers be successful on Azure. She’s been at Microsoft for 16yrs, and also helped develop multiple versions of Visual Studio. She holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from Harvard in Applied Mathematics. You can follow Lisa on LinkedIn and Medium.

Topic: Applications of Data Science in Microsoft Cloud Products

Abstract: Data Science and Machine Learning are fascinating fields. It’s amazing to envision the future of Artificial Intelligence. But it’s also equally amazing to explore the applications. Modeling the domain such that a machine learning algorithm can be applied is half the challenge. And coming up with new ideas for how the business can leverage data science requires great creativity. We’ll cover examples of recommender models, customer lifetime value, churn prediction, attribution analysis and more.