Lisa Greenberg

TT Speaker: Lisa Greenberg

Title: Data Science Manager, US Connected Car

Company: LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Brief Bio: Lisa Greenberg is the Data Science Manager for the U.S. Connected Car team at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. In this role, Lisa oversees a team responsible for developing statistical models and advanced analytics analyses related to telematics and automotive OEM data. Her unique combination of analytical and communication skills helps her effectively translate mathematical concepts and analytical models into corporate strategies. Lisa joined LexisNexis in 2010. She earned her master’s in business administration from New York University’s Stern School of Business and her bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University. Lisa is also a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU).

Topic: Driving Data Science for Automakers and Insurers: When Miles, Identity and Money Matter

Abstract: As COVID-19 has produced radical shifts in driving and behaviors, drivers are reconsidering the amount they work from the office, the time spent in their vehicles and the cost of their auto insurance. The challenge for the data scientist is this creates a tremendous opportunity to harness growing amounts of data to help the industry react in real-time to the paradigm shift in driving behavior. I will discuss a parallel challenge, tackling vehicle attribution – ensuring that a new vehicle owner isn’t encumbered with the prior owner’s driving history through patented linking technology and access to billions of driver and vehicle records. Finally, I will highlight how we are addressing the asymmetry of information for consumers within the insurance shopping experience using actionable data.