Yue Zhuang

LTP Speaker

Title: Data Scientist

Company: General Motors Company, Global Innovation Analytics Center of Excellence

Brief Bio: Yue Zhuang is a Data Scientist from Global Innovation Analytics Center of Excellence team in General Motors. Prior to transition to Global Innovation team, she served as Data Scientist for various other divisions within GM, including Maven (2017 – 2020) and Advanced Development and Concepts team (2014 – 2017). Yue Zhuang holds both Master Degree in Business Analytics and Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.​

Topic: Connected Mobility: An Innovative and Efficient Channel to Improve Road Safety

Abstract: With the rapid development of roadway networks and transportation modes, transport activities grows and will continue growing in the next few decades. How to quickly identify potential risky road segment in near real-time becomes a common topic among US DOTs and county transportation agencies. This talk will discuss challenges and opportunities for identifying road risk factors, focusing on utilizing connected vehicles data to analyze and quantify road safety hazards. I will highlight possible connected vehicles data elements applied to address road safety and road condition issues, and I will share some innovative concepts from different organizations to improve road safety using connected mobility data.